2016 BMW X6 front

2016 BMW X6 M

BMW has shown its second generation of the X6 with an all new 2016 update. When this luxury mid-size crossover arrived in 2008, it was the first time that this high performance model was introduced with an all wheel drive mode. The results were overwhelming, thus the automaker is not taking chances in writing the next chapter in the X6 success story. BMW believes the time has come for them to change this first generation to make an emotionally rich model with outstanding efficiency. The new 2016 BMW X6  will bring in various noticeable changes as well as new things under its hood such as improved engines and new transmissions.

2016 BMW X6 front

2016 BMW X6: Redesign Exterior and Interior

This second generation model is based on BMW’s new monocoque platform which was also used in the new BMW X5. Owing to the new platform, the new model is going to be lighter, therefore improving the auto’s overall performances. It will get a more attractive look which will make the machine more unique and less X5-like. The 2016 X6 will be quite sophisticated owing to the implementation of various hi-technologies. It will acquire new axle assemblies also found in the new X5 M series which will bring in some more weight reduction. As for the length, this new model will be raised a bit to about 4910mm from 4877mm. This will improve the new model greatly since the cabin happened to be the issue with the previous model.

Its chassis will also acquire a longer wheelbase and even wider tracks. Buyers will be treated to a choice of 21 inch M light alloy wheels but there will be standard 18 inch wheels. Its exterior style is also decorated with an elegant style consisting of blue color. There are also stylish head lamps and magnificent rear lamp design. It comes with four doors and a small body shape which makes the auto to be more elegant and modern. There are also large air intakes, large side skirts and flared fenders with two twin exhaust tips. The new 2016 BMW X6 also features air breathers on its sides, a trademark on all modern BMW cars.

2016 BMW X6 interior

2016 BMW X6: Engine and Hybrid

2016 BMW X6 is expected to come with a number of engine options. There will be a base 3.0 liter twin turbo engine as well as a 3.0 liter turbocharged diesel and also a 3.0 liter tri-turbo V6 engine. Furthermore, a 4.4 liter V8 petrol powertrain will also be offered. All these engines will be combined with the new BMW’s eight speed M Steptronic transmission. The manufacturer has also developed a plug in variant for the 2016 BMW X6 crossover. This ActiveHybrid shall run on a combination of 3.0 liter petrol engine and electric motor which will derive power from a lithium-ion battery situated at the floor of the boot. This hybrid variant is only a probability in this new second generation model, meaning it might appear in a year or two. The powerful engine is expected to deliver about 560 horsepower and 575 Nm of torque. It will be able to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds.

2016 BMW X6 rear

2016 BMW X6: Release Date, Price, Competitors

2016 BMW X6 is to be launched during the upcoming Moscow Auto Show, then slated to appear in the showrooms in summer of 2016. The new model’s competitors include Mercedes Benz, Land Rover and Acura ZDX. It is likely to be priced at $ 103 000 or more.

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