2016 Audi Q2 front

2016 Audi Q2 redesign

As the crossover market continues to grow and get stronger, automakers are releasing and redesigning off-roaders at an alarming rate. This is the case with Audi’s Q2 model which is expected to make its debut in a few months time. The Audi Q2 will be the smallest crossover in its segment and it has been hinted to come in a coupe-like appearance. This upcoming model will be a 2016 year model. It will be based on the A1 platform and it will be a junior member of Audi’s ‘Q’ coupes. Basing the 2016 Audi Q2 on the A1 platform will enable it to meet the laid down stringent emission rules. Furthermore, the platform will make this model a futuristic car which is right for moving around in today’s highly populated areas. This A1 platform has also been used in the assembly of other models like VW Polo and Skoda Fabia among others. This platform is to undergo some modifications to pave way for the all wheel drive hence the 2016 Audi Q2 shall benefit from this alternative while the front wheel drive model will still be available as standard.

2016 Audi Q2 front

2016 Audi Q2: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Audi Q2 buyers will find high quality and reliable features in this automobile while compared to the previous Audi Q2 models. These improvements will make this redesigned model’s price to increase a bit. As for the A1 platform, it will include the use of quite light materials such as high strength metals, carbon fiber and aluminum. This will cause the new model to reduce its current weight thus enhancing its fuel economy. CO2 emissions shall also be significantly reduced. Its exterior will also acquire a lot of new changes which will enhance its superb appearance. First of all, the 2016 Audi Q2 will get a redesigned rear bumper and a new front grille. Its head, fog and tail lights will also be refreshed to feature the latest LED technology.

As for the interior, prospective buyers should be ready to find a better looking one than that of the previous models. The interior shall be much more spacious with ample leg room. It shall also feature various luxurious equipments which will make driving this new model quite exciting. There shall be a wide variety of equipments packages for buyers to choose from. Technology will be raised a notch high while comfort will be increased to the highest levels with increased choice of materials as well as colors.

2016 Audi Q2 interior

2016 Audi Q2: Engine Specs

2016 Audi Q2 is likely to be fitted with a number of engines. They include a 1.2 liter TSI, a 1.4 liter TSI and a more powerful 2.0 liter TSI engine. There are also rumors concerning the presence of a 2.5 liter five cylinder but this probability is quite low since it would require the 2016 Audi Q2 to get extensive structural changes at its front end. Power in this model will be transferred to the wheels trough the five speed or the six speed manual, and six speed or seven speed dual clutch transmissions. The highest power outputs will probably be around 225 horses.

2016 Audi Q2 rear

2016 Audi Q2: Release Date, Price, Competitors

The 2016 Audi Q2 will compete with the Mini Countryman and its upcoming three-door sibling the Paceman and the new Mercedes Benz GLA and Buick Encore. Its estimated arrival date is predicted to be in late 2015 or early 2016, and soon after, its first models will appear in the showrooms. Its starting price is not yet set, but it could be around $37 000.

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  1. This small SUV from Audi would be ideal for many like me. Audi cars are just fabulous to drive and if it doesn’t come to US, I would most likely go to Germany to pick one from Ingolstadt where these little sweethearts are built. It will be my replacement for a Lexus 2012 model.

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