2017 Toyota Sequoia interior, redesign

2017 Toyota Sequoia was launched as a first generation SUV in 2000 and this model has given competition to full-sized SUVs produced by Ford and Chevrolet. Though second generation of this SUV was launched in 2008, many new models have been brought to market by rival companies since then. With technologies being upgraded every year, it was high time for Toyota to introduce some improvements into Toyota Sequoia in order to make it a potential competitor of the current high performance SUVs. Sequoia is Toyota’s biggest sized SUV to be released in US market and this model had its structure inspired from Toyota Tundra. Continue reading 2017 Toyota Sequoia interior, redesign

2017 Lexus GX Redesign, Release Date

Reputed as one of the most popular luxury car manufacturers, Lexus is now busy with the 2017 Lexus GX. Their current position is such because their redesigns are complete and effective. They are too smart to leave any loopholes. Like most of its vehicles, the 2017 Lexus GX too will features up to date and best in class functionalities. However the prime focus of this update will be this model’s adaptation into a unit body design. Mainly suited as a family car, this seven seater sports utility vehicle will also come with improved design and engine features. Unlike most of its contemporaries, 2017 Lexus GX will come with segment leading features and a very powerful and stable powertrain. Continue reading 2017 Lexus GX Redesign, Release Date

2017 Mercedes M-Class redesign

Mercedes is certainly a very well known franchise of luxury sedans. However, its venture in to family vehicles was somewhat of a controversy during early days. The company persevered very well in the family vehicle category as well, and moved on to release multiple family cars over the years. This is how the M Class was born. A new model from this franchise is coming out soon – the 2017 Mercedes M-Class. This is a classy model which is equipped very well to be family car, and at the same time be a luxurious vehicle as well. Continue reading 2017 Mercedes M-Class redesign

2017 Land Rover Discovery sport, new

Change is inevitable, especially when you are living in an age of modern technology and improved lifestyle. Land Rover is a very popular and respected name in the automobile business. Their latest model includes a fan favorite 2017 Land Rover Discovery. Its previous versions have been quite popular among customers. This 2017 version will be completely different from its predecessor. Why is that? Continue reading 2017 Land Rover Discovery sport, new

2017 Honda Pilot interior, review

Honda Pilot has been there for a long time now and they are working on the latest variant. In order to keep up with the extreme competition, this benchmark vehicle will adapt to a lot of changes. There have been a lot of speculations regarding this stalwarts expected features. However not all of them are true. Some upgrades are kept in reserve for the future variants. But it is true that this 2017 Honda Pilot will be coming with a platform change and therefore lots of design changes are expected as well. In terms of drivetrain upgrades, a more powerful and robust engine is expected. 2017 Honda pilot is actually a based on a concept model and therefore it has got an edge over its competitors. Continue reading 2017 Honda Pilot interior, review