2015 Audi Q9 front

2015 Audi Q9 price

This piece of writing is about introducing a new car i.e. 2015 Audi Q9. This is known to be a luxury sports car reaching the heights of elegance. It has an elegant shape, performance and quality and above all the car is environment friendly. No doubt Audi is one of the most popular brands of the cars around the glove. It will be tried to give as much information as possible about the specs, engine, exterior, interior, release date and price. 

2015 Audi Q9 front

 2015 Audi Q9: News and Features

Audi Q9 is known to be offered to the users with higher technological functions. The manufacturer have done it with the new dimensions overall at about 5.15 meters. It has been heard that company has set high sales target as compared to the present model of the vehicle i.e. 2015 Audi Q9.

Keeping in view the length of the vehicle i.e. 5.15 meters, the vehicle is believed to be perfect for the families who are willing to go for long trips. Moreover in addition to Audi, RS6 wagon, this SUV 2015 Audi Q9 has been designed to ensure comfortable travelling experience. Main rivals of the vehicle will be American full size SUV models and Mercedes Benz GL. At the same time it s worth stating that after comparison with the above mentioned vehicles, the Audi Q9 is at better position indeed. It is due to the wide spectrum of equipment and European design.

2015 Audi Q9 side

2015 Audi Q9: Redesign and Engine Specs

 2015 Audi Q9 is going to be a full size SUV car. It has spacious design and it appears to be a monster for everyone. But in fact it is known to be quite luxury and therefore its sales could be in good comparison with the esteem of BMW. The length of the car i.e. 5.15 meters, is known to be perfect for the long trips of the family. The vehicle has a luxury design leading and higher chances are there that it could lead the car to a high position in the market. It shapes and sizes give the vehicle an ideal body in every sense and manner. This car will offer a completely different design as compared to its earlier models. Moreover the new Audi Q9 is coming with four doors along with come improvements in terms of features. It is built in advance. Its spacious cabin will offer extreme comfort to the passengers as well as the driver. No doubt it is better to wait for the car in every prospect.

2015 Audi Q9 interior

The vehicle is coming with the TFSI 3.0 envisaged motor engine under the hood. It is to get about 300 horsepower output. For 500 horsepower optional V8 engine is available. The top most interesting news about the Audi Q9 is that it is coming for hybrid engine and will be available in market really soon.

2015 Audi Q9: Release Date and Price

Introduction of this supermodel 2015 Audi Q9 is expected during the year 2015. The price of the spectacular vehicle will be 100 000 euros or $ 140 000.

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